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Hello everybody. I am new to this website and hope that I can get some support and encouragement. Does anyone know of any low cal foods? I'm not exactly sure how to lose weight fast. I need to do it fast. If anyone can give me some ideas that would be great. I have a gym that I have started going to. Trying to work-out as much as I can.

HW: 145
CW: 135
GW:  100-105


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Hello skinny_jeans2, I'm new here as well. It's a pleasure to meet you! Hope we can both reach our weight goals! I'm don't really know any tips, but I'm just going to try and stick with calorie restrictions.


April 14 2009, 19:19:16 UTC 7 years ago

black coffee has zero calories! if you drink a fair amount of it it definitely cuts down on craaaavings. that's my go to. i have a cup of it before i eat and a cup after. if you want you can add like half a cup of non-fat milk.
also there is this thing on igoogle called a calorie counter which is okay for counting your daily cals. i've been using it because it's unavoidable. anytime i'm on my computer i see it so if i fuck up i have to face it.