good day

Cereal and water - 200
Few olives - 30
Veg and kidney beans - 250
Total= 480

I'm craving something sweet right now so I might have a 40 cal hot choc in an hour if I still want it. I'll be happiest if I stay under 500 cal though.

I've got a plan for tomorrow
Yoghurt -90
Yoghurt - 90
Sprouts and broccoli with philidelphia lo-fat soft cheese and mustard - 300ish. I fucking love sprouts.

42 over

I'm just getting over a bout of vomiting and cold sweats and general crappiness that lasted 2 hours then went away. I wonder what that was all about? Perhaps it's the infection in my jaw playing up.
And so because I feel too sick and tired to make a real post on my own journal I will indulge in the mindless totemic magic of totalling up daily calories instead, then go to sleep.
Muesli and skimmed milk - 190
Can of beer - 176
Can of beer - 176
(Um...yeah. Didn't exactly try to get my 5 a day).
Total = 542

Fat days suck

Yeah, this comm seems dead. Oh well.

Muesli + Skimmed milk - 255
Stirfry veg - 200 approx
Milk in coffee - 30

I had about three tbsp of the veg, max. The BF cooked them with loads of oil and even though I rinced my serving off with boiling water I felt they were too greasy. I know this makes me an utter freak but I like my veggies unadulterated!

New here!

Hey, this community seems a bit dead, where did everyone go?

This is an awesome visual aid if it can be believed, btw: I admit I was surprised how much whole milk you can have for 200cal! But those eggs must be pretty small. I count eggs as 100cal each. Hmmmm.

Fruit & Fibre with skimmed milk - 250
Chicken soup - 97
2 mouthfulls of wine - 30
Kids' pasta and tuna meal - 157
=534 cal

need some help

I need some help
I have to loose 40 lbs by mid-December, which makes 9 weeks, which makes 4.5 lbs per week.

I am completely lost, I need support but i can't find any... nobody understands me and there is nobody to help me achieve my goals. I need to set up a plan that helps me loosing the fat that I carry with me, but I have no motivation anymore, I'm afraid I'm never gonna make it...
I need advices, support, sthg

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Day 1.

Yoplait Light (50)
Turkey Sandwich (221)
Ramen Noodles (190)

total: 461

no eating after 9pm.


Runners Lunge With Lateral Overhead Reach
Hamstring Stretch
Quadriceps Stretch
Standing Figure Four Stretch

15 Minutes of Cardio
-5 mins- warm up
-7 mins- challenging speed
-3 mins- cool down

Standing Squat
Front Kicks
Push Ups
Jumping Jacks
Crab Walk With Tricep Dips
Paralle Skiing
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well i'm new to this community and to LJ all together. i'm looking for some supportive friends to help me stick to my diet and workout program.

here r my stats...
age- 19
height- 5'1
CW- 113
HW- 150
LW- 102
GW- 110
UGW- 100 <3

so add me and i'll add u back! :)

text buddiesss

okay, so, i'm trying to get back into dieting again.


hah, i know its all over the place.
i want a text buddy though, i'm 17, and if anyone my age with similar or any stats really wants to be my text buddy, my number is 17817249074. i live in MA so if you're from around here, that's cool, idk how phone billing goes so maybe only text if you live here... actually anyone can text me. gahh whatever. well so yeah, i want a text buddy who can talk me out of binging and talk me into excercising and just someone to talk to about dieting and food and ana and whatever. and i'll do the same for you. just someone to be there when you need it for this kinda thing, you know? someone to talk you out of eating that unneccessary cookie or two ; im a really open person so i will talk to anyone=] thanks